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Save on costs with GPS-tracking and fleet management

Get more out of your GPS-tracking and fleet management with ABAX. Our devices are easy to install - it only takes 10 minutes and requires no special tools. You also save on the installation costs. Should you ever experience problems, you can catch our skilled customer service 24/7 - completely free.

Why choose ABAX?

  • Save money: Reduce fuel, maintenance and insurance costs by using ABAX.

  • Easy to install: Install the device in 10 minutes - and without any special tools.

  • Lifetime warranty: The device is compact, robust and water-repellent. In case of unexpected failure or break, it will be replaced.

44,000+ customers - 530,000+ active tracking devices - 12,000,000+ logged kilometers daily

About ABAX

Our tracking device fits all types of vehicles and fleet sizes, is easy to install, complies with GDPR and HSE requirements and saves you time and money.