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EG Løn

Get a handle on your salary in minutes

Avoid the hassle of running wages and keeping track of collective agreements. Let EG Lønservice do it for you.

You get, among other things:

  • A team of experienced and competent payroll consultants who run the payroll for you - and who know the agreements.

  • Full integration with your Order Management: The hours you register in Order Management are automatically loaded into the payroll system.

  • Full integration with your accounting program: Financial items from EG Lønservice can be loaded directly into the cash journal.

  • Review of all payroll runs - so that your employees do not experience errors in their payroll.

About EG Løn

Get rid of the hassle of arranging pay. The hours you register in Order Management can be exported to the payroll system and form the basis for payment of payroll.