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Complete financial system in the cloud

Uniconta is an intuitive financial system that meets all needs in accounting, order and inventory management, logistics, CRM, and project.

The simple but powerful features provide a complete overview of the business economy and can help make the business more efficient and profitable.

At the same time, our finance program is designed to be able to quickly adapt to your company via our Uniconta Plugin and API systems, so you can always tailor your finance system to your necessary integrations. And then you find it all in the cloud.

Switch easily from C5, Navision and e-conomic

Uniconta has developed a conversion tool that makes it safe and easy to switch from other financial systems such as. Microsoft Dynamics C5, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and e-conomic.

When you switch to Uniconta, you get converted all your items from finance, debtor, creditor, stock, orders, and purchases as well as dimensions and employees: The history is stored and usable in Uniconta from the first second. One must make a Multi-export in C5 or e-conomic.

The conversion tool reads data from multi-export files and loads it into Uniconta.

About Uniconta

Uniconta is a complete and cloud-based financial system that gives your company control over finances, warehousing and logistics.