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Visma DataLøn

Visma DataLøn already gives 60,000 customers peace of mind when they make a salary.

With the payroll system DataLøn, you are sure that the salary runs as it should. Much of your payroll work is automated, so you do not have to think about, for example, whether payroll has been reported and transferred on time.

It all happens automatically to SKAT, ATP, maternity funds, holiday funds, pensions, and more. It saves time and resources that you can spend on other tasks.

You can also get help with everything from payroll to personnel law issues. You just call if you are in doubt about something. And if you have questions about the new holiday law, GDPR, or other legislation, Visma DataLøn's lawyers can help you.

About Visma DataLøn

Denmark's most complete payroll system used by over 60,000 companies because it is easy, simple and efficient. Should your business be next?