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Keep track of your vehicles with the Webfleet Solutions fleet management system

Vehicle tracking

Whether your employees are parked or on the go, you can see their exact position in real time with Webfleet Solutions.

Fleet optimization

Webfleet Solutions gives you instant access to KPIs that help optimize your fleet in real time. You can for example easily call the colleague that is closest located to the case.

Workflow management

  • Keep track of your vehicles with Webfleet Solutions

  • Flexible solution - no binding period

  • No hardware costs

  • Installed easily and quickly at no cost

  • Optimize the effective working time

  • Call the nearest colleague quickly and easily

  • Easily keep track of service inspections, leasing contracts, etc.

  • The advanced logbook ensures that your business is complied with the

  • Can be used directly from mobile and tablet

"It's ingenious, there is no software to install, and it's reliable because I've never experienced it go down."

Jacob Madsen, Service Manager at Mettler-Toledo

About Webfleet

With Webfleet Solutions you get easy fleet management and GPS tracking of your vehicles. Formerly known as Tom Tom Telematics.