Opdatering af Ordrestyring web 6. April

We have updated Ordrestyring with new features and fixes that will improve the overall use of the system.


  • It's now possible to use recurrence of events for planning in the scheduler

  • It's now possible to merge invoice lines in even more ways, introducing merge lines by product number and merge all invoice lines


  • It's now possible to export the list of subcases on a main case

  • It's now possible to duplicate a scheme, so you will get an identical scheme with everything formerly filled in, except name and signature


  • Solved an issue, where the end time was changed, if you add two hour registrations on a case directly after eachother

  • Solved an issue, where it wasn't possible to select "none selected" in a scheme

  • Solved an issue, where there was a column in the appendix showing the price incl. VAT, but the price was without VAT

  • Solved an issue, where services sometimes had an end date set to 1970

  • Solved an issue, where the case number for an EDI invoice, was not set on all of the invoice lines for the EDI, and therefore it couldn't be directly approved

  • Solved an issue, where it wasn't possible to remove the material lock, if it was set

  • Solved an issue, where the FI-number for an appendix got suffixed zeroes instead of prefixed zeroes

  • Solved an issue, where there was introduce additional linebreaks in the case description if you reloaded the page

  • Solved an issue, where the recalculate invoice button also recalculated the price for hour additions

  • Solved an issue, where customers uploaded through the customer import in system settings, wasn't synced to economy systems correctly


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