Update for the mobile app 14th of April

Another great mix of bug fixes and enhancements to further drive the customer experience using the app.


  • You can now share documentation outside of the Ordrestyring app for Android. As an example, you can share photo documentation with another app like mail or text message


  • The back button is now easier to tap, as we have increased the tap area. As an example, if you navigated and opened a case and want to go back to the case list, this is now easier to do

  • When registering hours, you can now select "Follow opening hours" over multiple days

  • You can now select another customer when you create a subcase

  • It now saves the search when navigating back to a list, I.e., when you go back to the case list, customer list or offers list

  • When sending a case report you can now use the default customer email instead of entering it manually


  • Fixed an issue where the app would occasionally lose connection where you had to close the app and reopen it before you could continue using the app'

  • Fixed an issue where the add button in customer documentation was placed too high on the screen for smaller devices, and therefore the menu would also be inaccessible for some menu items

  • Fixed an issue where the send button in offers would get pushed down when entering text in the input fields, I.e., when entering an email address or personal message


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