Update for the mobile app 27th of April

We update the app again, and this time we come with a list view under documentation and the option to upload several file types, such as Word files, Excel files and PDFs as well as other enhancements and bugfixes.


  • It is now possible to get List view under documentation.

  • It is now possible to upload several types of documentation, such as Word files, Excel files and PDFs


  • The app now passes on more information when you create a subcase from the main case, so you do not have to manually fill in the information again

  • The app now marks everything in an input field when you tap it, making it easier and faster to correct

  • Input fields that can contain a lot of information now open in a pop-up to improve the overview


  • Fixed an issue where the add button under documentation was located incorrectly and would therefore not be available on devices with smaller screens

  • Fixed an issue where the scheme list did not update automatically after saving, closing or approving a scheme

  • Fixed an issue where you would be stuck in the app if you entered the wrong GLN / EAN number when creating a customer

  • Fixed an issue where it showed the wrong currency in Service and Installations under Materials

  • Fixed an issue where the app would unexpectedly quit if you were too quick to go down a list, such as the order or customer list


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