Update of Ordrestyring web client March 23rd

We've updated Ordrestyring with a lot of new fixes and functions, that will make the use of Ordrestyring even better


  • It's now possible to create a material addition with a fixed price instead of a percentage, that can be fetched to the invoice draft

  • All columns are now moveable in view settings on multiple lists, this does not apply to the field actions


  • Changed the column order for customer- and supplierinvoices for new systems, so the most important informations are shown first

  • It's now possible to push the button for marketprice on products in the invoice draft if they come from Klarpris, so the salesprice is changed. This function only works if you have the function in your Klarpris agreement


  • Solved an issue, where the mail that a new system was created with, wasn't assigned to the admin created in said system

  • Solved an issue, where download of large amounts of files from documentation resulted in a file, that wasn't accessible

  • Solved an issue, where the subsequent numbering sometimes didn't work as intended on services & installations

  • Solved an issue, where the "invoice sent" filter in the case list, didn't always show the correct data when set

  • Solved an issue, where the sales account for an hour fetched to the invoice draft wasn't set correctly

  • Solved an issue, where some users were missing specific columns when exporting excel lists from the system

  • Solved an issue, where the green box didn't show the correct message when moving documentation from one employee to another

  • Solved an issue, where the width of columns in employee -> hour registrations wasn't correctly set

  • Solved an issue, where it was possible to choose hour types in the scheduler, even though they weren't accessible for the employee anymore

  • Solved an issue, where the preview of images in documentation, in some instances didn't show the full image

  • Solved an issue, where invoice lines fetched to the invoice draft, for customers set to Euro, wasn't converted correctly to Euro

  • Solved an issue, where hours and materials for subcases was fetched to the invoice draft on the main case, if you used the Fetch -> Fetch all - button

  • Solved an issue, where a VAT zone was shown for suppliers, even though the agreement wasn't connected to an e-conomic agreement

  • Solved an issue, where fixed texts with break lines wasn't fetched correctly, when you created a case


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