Update of Ordrestyring web June 2nd

We have updated Ordrestyring with a selection of new features and fixes that will make Ordrestyring even better to use


  • It's now possible to fetch the offer text from a converted offer directly to the invoice draft with the button fetch texts. This will also be possible if you have several tasks in the same offer.


  • Hur approval will now automatically be activated when you integrate Ordrestyring with a salary system

  • The system now automatically adds prefixed 0's, if you enter an account number that's shorter than 10 digits when creating an appendix

  • We've introduced a space beneath every employee in the scheduler, so it's easier to click to plan a new event

  • It's now possible to attach a case report when sending invoices via GLN/EAN-number


  • Solved an issue, where the PDF designs weren't correctly translated for Pharoese customers

  • Solved an issue, where internal products didn't get the sales account from the customer, but the systems standard account, if this was set

  • Solved an issue, where it was possible to select a purchase account from e-conomic, which was missing a VAT code when creating appendixes

  • Solved an issue, where users without user rights to see offers, were able to see the offer total within the case list

  • Solved an issue, where new services and installations got a number, that didn't follow the subsequent numbering order


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