Update of the mobile app 16 of Marts

We are again out with new updates to the app. This time we see an updated schedule design inside the app. You can also now choose the market price of an item, by editing it from the invoice journal or from the offer journal. See more improvements and fixes.


  • Updated design on sms and call function on orders and quotes

  • Updated the design for filling out forms

  • Added the ability to see the market price of items searched through a Clear Price Item Directory

  • It is now possible to navigate from an hour during my hours, directly to the order on which they are registered

  • The app now displays an error with a description at the top of the screen if challenges arise in using the app


  • Fixed an issue where in some cases employees could not add an hour record because the employee's default hour type was no longer available to the selected user


Here you get the opportunity to give us feedback on your user experience based on the latest updates.

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