Update of the Ordrestyring web platform on the 20th of April

In this update, we have primarily focused on correcting existing errors so that we can provide a better experience when using the web platform.


  • It now shows a message when copying a case that inactive employees are not copied to the new case


  • Fixed an issue where downloading hours in the employees' time registration page was not saved as a PDF

  • Fixed an issue where materials that were automatically added to a case did not add discounts

  • Fixed an issue where the exchange rate was not included if you copied invoice lines to the invoice draft from another invoice

  • Fixed an issue where there was too much space on the PDF when adding bulleted lists

  • Fixed an issue where the correct sales account number was not added on internal materials if materials were added from the invoice draft

  • Fixed an issue where sometimes annotation of images in the documentation was not saved

  • Fixed an error in Service and Installation, where if you chose 30-minute interval, it became 45 minutes


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